The Journey Begins

Thanks for coming along!


Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller – Ibn Battuta 


As you’ve probably guessed, I’m a writer who loves to travel, or a traveler who loves to write . . . anyway, the pictures shown here are from three of my favorite places.

Catherine’s Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia. This amazing blue and gold confection is gilded with over 100 kilograms of gold. Interesting fact: Catherine’s palace was torn down and rebuilt from the ground up three different times during the 1700’s – an era when the average Russian citizen struggled to feed their family.

The Cathedral De Mallorca is found in Spain and the magnificence of  this angelic architecture is hard to wrap your mind around. Rows of Gothic towers reach for the heavens and dwarf the tiny people standing nearby. It took 400 years to complete, which is hardly surprising when you see the result.

Clon Macnoise in Shannonbridge, Ireland was founded in the year 544. This ancient monastery rests on the banks of the Shannon River. It’s a captivating place, and its haunting beauty stays with you long after parting.

If you love to travel or just love to read about traveling, you’ve found the right place. Enjoy!


30 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. Of all the wonderful places I HAVEN’T been yet, I have been to Clon Macnoise–on my honeymoon, actually! Very interesting and beautiful, as all of Ireland. I’m so looking forward to discovering more of your site!


  2. Heya, I found you in someone else’s comment box and I agreed with your comment on helping new bloggers feel noticed. I’m checking out your blog now and can’t wait to read about your adventures 💜


  3. There’s really no magic quite like traveling, especially for the intrepid who embrace the unbeaten paths and hidden locales in favor of more popular attractions. I spend more time than I’d like to admit daydreaming of my next adventure.


    • Hi Lindsay, what a great comment, I couldn’t put it better. There really is nothing like traveling. It changes you and your perspective, you see things differently when you get home again. Thanks.


  4. I never knew there was such a thing as a COOL library. From now on I’ll watch for them when i travel. Thanks for clueing me in.


  5. Yes, it’s such a beautiful place. The only drawback of Norway is how expensive it is. Our first day out we were craving American food so went to the Hard Rock Cafe. We ordered lunch before figuring out the exchange rate . . . BIG mistake. Luckily we’d booked a hotel that had meals included and ate there for the rest of our stay. Have fun!


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