Tallin Estonia

Traveling in Tallinn, Estonia

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We felt like we’d stepped back in time when we toured this ancient walled city. Tallinn, Estonia – pronounced Talleen by our guide – is a place of contrasts, with a bustling city center, and an old town which recent restoration has only improved.  Our focus this day was on the cultural and historical gold mine of “Old Town”.
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2 thoughts on “Tallin Estonia

  1. I have a dear friend from Estonia and I’ve always wanted to visit. I admit I’m a little leery of the cuisine but very excited to sample the pastries and chocolate. Did you enjoy the food?


    • If you know somebody there you should definitely visit. I always wish I had a friend in some of these places so I could get a better feel for what it’s really like to live there. Excellent pastry. We had some chocolate orange cake that will go down in my history of great travel moments.


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