Travel Blunders

Hey all, I’ve recently added a new category to my blog – it’s called Travel Blunders. Here I share some of the embarrassing and ridiculous things that have happened to me (and my husband) on our travels. Hopefully,  reading about our faux pas, will prevent you from doing the same kinds of things. Here’s the first installment:

Faceplant in Finland

Helsinki Finland was a place I’d always wanted to visit.  One of my co-workers grew up there and we loved to hear stories about her childhood in this fairy tale place.  When my husband and I finally had a chance to visit, we went armed with her best travel tips. Take the ferry to Suomenlinna, visit the Rock Church, and sample the pear ice cream in Market Square. One thing she failed to say was,  “Watch your feet”.
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6 thoughts on “Travel Blunders

  1. I once tried to eat ham in a country where they apparently had no idea on how to fix ham. (It was an effort to give American tourist an American style breakfast.) The lesson: try to eat local dishes instead. (Of course there are the associated health risks.)

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    • Yeah, you’re usually better off going with what the locals are good at rather than expecting them to fix American favorites. The problem with this is that after awhile you burn out on local food and just want a hamburger. In this case I look for a Hard Rock Cafe. there’s usually one around somewhere.


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