Uber Blunder

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It was September 2018.  My husband and I were looking forward to a dream trip to Spain but we almost missed our flight. Here’s why:
We’d decided to be cool and trendy and book an Uber for the drive to the airport. This was a new experience for us, as we’d previously relied on kids, or friends for transport, but this time we had to leave at 5:00 A.M. and hated to bother anyone.
uber photo“Uber’s a great idea.” said our kids.  “Here – we’ll help you set it up.”
After a group effort, (John and I require help with this kind of thing) we were able to download the app and even schedule an early morning ride. We felt very high-tech.
Fast forward to the day before our departure. My husband was chatting with our good friend and across-the-street neighbor, Paul. When he found out we were paying someone to take us to the airport, he said, “You should have asked me.  I’d take you.”
“No no,” my husband assured him. “It’s all set up. We’re good.”


The next morning we sat outside waiting for our ride. It was cold and dark and very lonely. 5:00 A.M. came and went with no sight of an Uber. Concerned, John double-checked the reservation and to our horror, we discovered our ride was scheduled for 5 P.M.!

Panic! It was too late to call the kids who live 30 minutes away. We could drive ourselves but didn’t want to pay for two weeks of airport parking. It would take too long to call another Uber, the clock was ticking  . . . .


We called Paul – poor guy who was previously sound asleep – and belatedly took him up on his offer. Thankfully our friend crawled out of bed and came to our rescue.  runningUpon arrival, we flung ourselves out of his car, raced through the terminal and made it just in time.

As for Uber, Lyft, etc. I’m not giving up. But the next time I call them it’ll be for something less crucial – perhaps an appointment with the dentist.
If I miss it . . . Oh well.

Have you ever had an Uber Blunder? I’d hate to think we’re only ones.

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15 thoughts on “Uber Blunder

    • We’ve become kind of obsessive about getting there early. I’d much rather sit and read my book at the airport than miss a flight. Often that’s exactly what we end up doing, but you never know. Thanks for the comment.

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