Ocean Liner or Riverboat, What’s Your Travel Style?

The stars are in line, the money’s in the bank and it’s finally time to go on that cruise you’ve always dreamed of. Imagine exotic lands, beautiful scenery, fantastic food and entertainment – it’s not hard to see why cruising is one of the most popular forms of travel. But before you book your trip, you’ll need to make one important decision; ocean liner or riverboat, which type of cruise is best for you?

For the pros and cons of each type of cruise, continue reading this Library Lady story at  All Things Cruise.P1090844

Photos by Viking

21 thoughts on “Ocean Liner or Riverboat, What’s Your Travel Style?

    • It depends on what you’re after, if you’re on a budget and just want to have a great time cruising, I’d go with the big ships. If you’re looking for something more personal with incredible shore excursions and a calmer atmosphere, river cruises are the way to go. What did you think? Any opinions?
      If I had my choice I’d opt for river cruising all the time, but it’s expen$ive and will probably have to be a once in a lifetime experience.
      Was it worth the money? Yes!


  1. Riverboat definitely! We’ve done many. The Rhine, Danube, Seine, Russia, Mekong – the best!
    Would never be able to get my husband onto a cruise ship, too many people to cope with. He says it’s like going to the mall. Plus all the added charges!


    • Hi Jackie, I had to laugh at your husband’s comment about the mall. He’s right! Sometimes I’m in the mood for the mall, but I really loved our river cruise. It sounds like you’ve done a few. Did you have a favorite?


  2. I would love to go on a Rhine River cruise. There’s one that starts in Paris and ends in Zurich, I’ve always wanted to see that area, and can’t imagine a better way to do it. This is actually a little out of our price range but my husband and I are good at saving for things we really want. 😊


  3. Hi Library Lady,
    These are both my travel style. While I’ve been on a couple of ocean cruises and they’ve been really fun, my dream is to go on a river cruise. We’re looking at making that happen in 2020. Can’t wait!


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