Bullfights and Bad Guys – Ronda’s Provocative Past

Ronda is one of Spain’s most popular travel destinations. Home to scores of stunning views and a famous bridge, it’s also known for its flamboyant past. Early inhabitants were a colorful bunch, with a large percentage of bandits, highwaymen, and bullfighters filling out the ranks.

This Library Lady article is continued at Ronda Today

bullfighter ronda

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4 thoughts on “Bullfights and Bad Guys – Ronda’s Provocative Past

    • Hi Bestadman, yes, the bullfight museum was kind of hard to find. I think they should advertise it better. I don’t remember seeing any signs or directions to it when we were in the other part of the Plaza de Toros. I’m so glad we didn’t miss it. Did you like the museum?


    • Sadly it’s easy to miss the bullfight museum. Most people just tour the arena and the equestrian center, but don’t even know about this excellent museum. Yes, there is a museum for everything, but this was a really good one. Thanks for commenting!

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