A Mystery is Solved

Here’s my entry for Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge – White


For those who read my “Quebec is Amazing” post, you’ll remember I was baffled by this giant clown head balloon that appeared to be stuck between two buildings.

“What the heck ?! questions-1922476__340 On our first day in Quebec, we were strolling around the city and stumbled onto this! It looks like a rogue hot air balloon . . . maybe it was running away to the circus? Or could it be a weird Halloween decoration? Are there any Quebecois (not a typo) out there who can shed some light on this?”

Well, no one had any light to shed, so I decided to look into the matter myself. You will all be relieved to know, I now have the answer to this burning question. The sad clown is part of an art installation called Passages Insolites 2019. Sprinkled around the city of Quebec are 14 different creations, all of which refer to passages in some way.  I’m assuming this clown is making an unsuccessful passage through the buildings?

According to Urban Guide Quebec:

Quite possibly the creepiest art installation of Passages Insolites, Fin de partie is inspired by Nagg and Nell, a play by Samuel Beckett. The inflatable clown headsare squished between two buildings on rue Saint-Paul. Interesting during the day, the scene can be a tad more disturbing at night.

I’d have to agree with that last statement. Can you imagine – stumbling onto this on a dark and stormy night? GAHHH!! Cue the horror movie soundtrack.

clown headSpeaking of clowns and horror movies, why is it clowns are always sad or scary these days? Whatever happened to the jolly clowns who made us laugh at the circus? And what about clown college, is that even a thing anymore? With the demise of the circus, it seems like clowning would not be an upwardly mobile career .  .  .

Oh well, enough of my ramblings. If readers want to chime in on any of this I’d love to hear your opinions.

For more interesting white photos don’t forget to check out  Cee’s excellent photoblog.

20 thoughts on “A Mystery is Solved

    • I know, we were stunned when we first saw it, and this was during the day. Then we had to laugh because it was just so weird.
      Your Swedish Christmas post got me in a festive mood – maybe I’ll get some shopping done today.


    • You’re right, I checked. There’s Clown Conservatory, and Circus center and lots more. I think it’s great that people are passionate about this and I wish them luck abolishing the scary clown image.


  1. I’d say that you should stop clowning around, but this was a fun story and I enjoyed learning about it. I mean you couldn’t makeup something like that if you tried. This story did have a familiar ring (three ring) to it.
    Seriously, did you happen to see any of the other exhibits in Quebec that were part of this event?


    • Actually we did but didn’t realize it at the time. There was one that looked like a border crossing into a communist country, but when you got closer it was actually quite whimsical, and another that was a giant snow globe. Apparently there were two more clown heads somewhere else in the city. One was enough though.


  2. Thanks for solving that mystery! I couldn’t help but wonder about it too! And I totally agree, if I’d have seen this at night I’d have been scared ****less! *lol* I really don’t like clowns so I’m glad I never encountered that fellow. XD


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