Irish Windows

clon window

Arched window and geriatric Castle – St. Cirains’s Monastery in Shannonbridge Ireland.

Have you ever dreamed of going to  Ireland? I did, and when it finally happened, I hardly dared to close my eyes for fear I’d miss something. Here velvet blue skies flanked rolling green hills, ancient stone buildings hovered on every horizon, and age-old rock walls snaked across the fields. Aside from that,  people have remnants of castles in their very own backyards!

From what I understand, these medieval marvels are protected – big fines if you knock one down to make room for your backyard pool – and people in Ireland seem to take all this antiquity in stride. I remember one house in particular which had a laundry line strung from a crumbling castle turret to a tree. There were sheets hanging on the line and cows grazing peacefully nearby.  What would it be like to look out your kitchen window at an ancient ruin? I’d love to find out.

Speaking of windows . . .

Here are my contributions for Ludwig Keck’s Monday Windows. These are from several different areas in Ireland.

Best windows for touring Ireland.

Ireland 057

Cong Ireland – Setting of the John Wayne, Maureen O’Hara movie The Quiet Man. Reverend Play fair’s house.

round tower

This round tower with the arrow slit windows is found at St Cirains’s Monastary in Clonmacnoise.


Bunratty Castle and this traditional thatched cottage are found at Bunratty Folk Village. This is a fun destination near Shannon Airport.  Catch the dinner show and sing along.

Irelland blarney

Blarney Castle, near Cork Ireland and the River Martin.

Windows of Galway, I found a great handmade sweater in the orange Woolen Market store.

Ireland 046

This ancient church with its beautiful windows was smack in the middle of a bustling town square, surrounded by modern shops and restaurants. The stark contrasts between old and new  Ireland somehow blend together into a delightful whole.

Not really sure of the location, but a beautiful sight and a lovely – once upon a time – window.



These sunny windows were found at my favorite Bed and Breakfast called Cloneen, in Waterford. Ireland is chock full of charming B & B’s like this one.

In closing, while I loved Ireland and wish I could return, it will probably never happen. But one of the great things about travel is that once you’ve been to an amazing place, you always have the memories.  

What’s your favorite travel memory? I know it’s hard to choose but is there one experience or destination that stands out?

Find more fun windows at Ludwig Keck’s site – Monday Windows.



41 thoughts on “Irish Windows

  1. Amazing pictures Geanie. I went to Ireland but only had four days as we were heading to Scotland which was our main destination. I really want to go back as there was so much I wanted to see. I love that you included all the spots so I can make a list of places to go if and when I ever get back.


  2. That tower reminds me of the Leaning tower of Pisa. My husband and I got to explore the tower in Italy before they closed the inside to the public, that was years ago. We were in our twenties. My favorite place was on a little Caye off of Belize called Spanish lookout caye. I would love to go to Ireland though. Living in a desert makes for a lot of daydreams of castles and green fields everywhere. Beautiful photos once again, thanks for sharing such a pretty place.

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    • Hi David, I agree, though I’m not sure the people who have them really appreciate the situation. I heard a couple of grumbles like ” I’d like to add another room, but the castle is in the way”. What a problem to have!


  3. I’d love to visit Ireland sometime, but probably never will. I’m so thankful that fellow bloggers like you share their adventures. I agree with you, there is much quaint charm found in the buildings and windows you’ve shared. I’m smiling a little Irish-like smile today, thank you!


  4. Loved the photos of the cottages, windows and cemeteries in Ireland. My sister lives there so I also have my favorite photos that take me right back to the rolling hills, the colorful churches and the numerous pubs.


  5. not been there yet I lived in London in my early days … love all your shots but the first is by far my favourite!

    Afghanistan where the people are proud and beautiful … then the Russians came followed by the yanks and the rest is history … amazing country but then I love deserts 🙂

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  6. Some truly mesmerizing windows to look at here. I imagine Ireland to be green and grey, and these challenge my stereotype! The thatched cottage is my favourite as it looks so Danish.


  7. My favorite trips are often based on the people I’m with rather than what we actually see. If you find the right travel companions it makes all the difference. Florida 2015!

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  8. It must have been a real pane to have to review all of those wonderful Irish windows…each one well worth framing. I would have a hard time telling my all time favorite travel memory. I really enjoyed seeing the Christus in Copenhagen. Just entering that chapel was a spiritual experience. I also enjoyed driving around Switzerland and stopping at pretty much every village, town, road side bakery, etc and having bread and cheese at each stop.


    • Thanks best admin. Someday I’ll have to do a story on the Copenhagen Christus. That is truly a stunning sight. And yes, long meandering road trips are often the best, no stress and lots of fun discoveries.


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