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Hi all, I’ve been nominated for the Blogger award by Sassy Library Fox. You might want to check out her fun book blog. Thanks, Sassy!

blogger award

Part of the deal for this award is to tell my blogging story and share two blogging tips. I can do that.

I started back in 2013, with a blog called the Library Lady Writes. It’s still out there but is seriously neglected these days. When I first started out I thought it would be fun to do a book review blog. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before I realized I didn’t actually enjoy writing book reviews. (I’d rather read those written by others like Sassy Library Fox). What I really liked was writing about the crazy things that happened in my everyday life like a tarantula falling into my underwear drawer or the fact that I’m terrified of the weed wacker. I worked on that blog for about 3 years, then decided to try my hand at freelancing for magazines, etc.Β  I still do that, but in 2019 I started to miss blogging. At that point, my favorite things were traveling, and visiting cool libraries around the world, so I started the Library Lady Travels blog and have a great time with that.

As for blogging tips, I don’t know if I have any great ones, but I’ll throw a couple of things out there.

  1. Comments – if someone takes the time to comment on one of my posts I ALWAYS respond and return the favor by going to their blog and commenting on one of their recent posts. One of my favorite parts of blogging is the social network you build through interaction with other bloggers. Without this, blogging wouldn’t even be fun.
  2. Topics – Write about things that are dear to your heart. I love writing about travel and have so many ideas for posts that I’ll never get them all finished. I also love libraries, so I combine the two topics. I’ve read so many times that you need to specialize on one subject to have an effective blog. I don’t agree. If you can find a way to tie your two great loves together in one blog, go for it. Variety is a good thing, and you won’t get burned out from writing about the same thing over and over.

That’s all I have to say for now except that I appreciate those who support and follow me. I’m constantly inspired by all the great writers out there.

Watch for my regular weekly post tomorrow – Banning Group Hugs, & Travel Signs.



27 thoughts on “Recognition Award

  1. I’m so glad you did this! ❀ Thank you!
    Also, I'm a great fan of your blog and love to read about your every day life! A tarantula falling into your underwear drawer sounds horrible though. I would have lost my cool! *lol* You wrote some great blogging tips! πŸ™‚

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  2. By the way, I love your header photo – Nyhavn is a favourite spot and a Danish relative just pointed out that I live in the same name suburb – directly translated to english, of course.


  3. I agree about not needing to stick to the one theme. I find that a little stale and it is more about business blogs. Interesting that bloggers often go on a journey in writing and it evolves into different things.

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    • Yes, I can see where a business blog might want to specialize, or if you were freelancing for a particular industry and wanted your blog to show your expertise.
      As for evolution, I know I’ve certainly had different interests over the years. Sometimes things just kind of morph into something you really hadn’t planned. Thanks for your thoughts.

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  4. How I have enjoyed your post! Your story is very interesting and I also agree with your tips. We are losing the sense of relationships. A blog can be an excellent way to get know people that otherwise we would have never known and the fact of replying to every single comment is a matter of respect.
    I also agree on the topic issue. Everybody’s recommending to pick up one subject and go deep with it. I still wonder why! Why one should limit herself and avoid talking about certain subjects? This blog is your home, a window on your world, you do what you want! You rule, and it is perfectly amazing like this!
    To make it short, congratulations with this award and keep up the good jobπŸ’ͺπŸŽ‰

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