Doors of Kauai

It’s time for more of Norm’s Thursday Doors, where door lovers of the world unite!

We’ve recently returned from a trip to Hawaii where I found some interesting doors. Well O.K. not all of these are doors, some fall into the category of entryways – but I think you’ll like them.

shark door


Shark door was my favorite. Unfortunately, I have no information.  It looks like a residence, although there might be some kind of sign behind that fence. All I know is we were driving down the road, I spotted shark door and our driver kindly screeched to a halt and backed up so I could take a picture. Don’t you wish you had a supersize sea creature hanging in your front yard? The door is pretty amazing too.

20200216_133058 (1)

From the wild and crazy shark residence, we go to this lovely and dignified door. It was adorning a 4 million-dollar home in an upscale Hawaiian neighborhood. I believe I could live quite happily here.


This is the door/entryway to Kauai’s Hindu Monastery. A peaceful oasis that features two Hindu temples and the Himalayan Academy. It’s free of charge and a must-see if you’re in the area.

new temple

The door to the temple is really beautiful, but you’ll have to take my word for it. I lined the shrine up in front of the door because it was open, and as you can see from the sign, pictures of the inside of the temple are not allowed. This is such a tranquil place. The monastery is set in the midst of tropical grounds that stand out even in Hawaii. The following picture was also taken there.


20200216_132928 (1)

Another million-dollar home. Another pretty carved door. Hawaii has a style all it’s own.

Allerton Botanical Tour – Doorway to the Garden of Eden.

tourimages_allerton_guideThe Allerton  Garden was another interesting place. We went on a 2.5-hour guided tour of a botanical paradise. I liked this doorway and the Jurrasic Park trees. (A scene from the movie was actually filmed here.)

This is Makauwahi cave and the “door” is a tiny hole that – ordinarily – nothing could induce me to enter. It was dark and creepy on the other side, but off in the distance you could see a beautiful grotto.


 Well worth the moment of claustrophobia.

What do you think? Ever been to Kauai? What’s your favorite spot?




25 thoughts on “Doors of Kauai

  1. There are plenty of nice things about this island paradise…wonderful beaches, whales, sea turtles, monk seals, scenic hikes and gardens. The doors are fine of course,, but I will take the food. (Wonderful stuff)


    • Ordinarily I’m not excited about crawling into dark holes, but this one was definitely worth it. On the other side was a tropical paradise. Apparently the whole thing used to be a cave but the top fell in on part of it and trees etc started to grow in the sunlight.


  2. The most surprising door was that to the Hindu temple. I am not sure why but I was not expecting that in Hawaii.


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