Ronda, Spain: a Small Town that Puts on a Big Show

ronda bridge

I’m especially excited about this Library Lady post because it was published on Go World Travel, a site I faithfully follow! 

Photographers beware: Leaning out to get the perfect shot of the magnificent Puente Nuevo bridge in Ronda, Spain, can result in a long drop – 390 feet to be exact. And while the bridge may be the star of the show in Ronda, the supporting cast of awesome views and medieval splendor also draws quite a crowd . . . Read more at Go World Travel.



19 thoughts on “Ronda, Spain: a Small Town that Puts on a Big Show

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  2. My experiences in Spain have been amazing. I have been there twice and I love it. The big cities like Barcelona and Madrid are to die for and are so interesting. And the smaller places like Ronda are equally fascinating. That bridge is really something…not sure the photos can do it justice. You really have to see it in person. The museum at the bull fighting ring is easy to miss during a visit. I almost left the ring without knowing it was there…but if you do visit make sure to see it. The photos, the costumes, artifacts, etc were really something. I have no desire to see an actual bull fight, but the museum was fun.

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    • I loved Spain more than I ever expected. The first time I went I didn’t know what to expect, but it ended up being one of my favorite travel destinations. I went back again a couple of years later and would go again in a minute.

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  3. Hi Library Lady, this was a fun article. Ronda sounds like an excellent place to visit, and also a place I would never have heard of if not for your article. Thanks for a good one. I hope all is well with you and yours in these crazy times. 🙂

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    • Thanks for the comment. I’m glad to be of service, in fact that’s why I have this blog. I hope I can clue people into some of these great places. Reading travel articles is how I find about them in the first place.

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    • Thanks Janis, I had never even heard of Ronda until my friend mentioned we should go there. We were totally blown away by what we found. I’d go back in a heartbeat. I’d also love to see a lot of other things in Spain that we missed the first time. Hope you make it someday.

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    • I heartily agree and am glad you got to see it. I want everyone to see it. By the way, I went to your site and absolutely loved your post on Cape Town, but couldn’t see a place to comment. Am I missing something?

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