Positive Thoughts on Negative Subject


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Is Everyone O.K?

Hello fellow bloggers! I hope you are well and safe and making the best of our current situation.  It’s hard to believe how fast this change has come upon us, two weeks ago I was looking for flight deals to Springfield, Illinois, and now they’re in lockdown. I guess I won’t go to Illinois, or anywhere else for that matter.

An Earthquake – Seriously?

As many of you know, I live in Utah. Not only are we dealing with the virus, but last Wednesday we had a 5.9 earthquake. Due to all the shaking going on, our library is closed until a safety inspector comes in to give it the O.K. We were already closed to the public, but employees were going in. Now I’m not sure what the future holds, but I guess that’s the world we live in.

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Positive Stories – Yay!

My real reason for posting today is to share some of the great things that are happening in the midst of all this confusion. I’m happy to say  I’ve seen lots of people helping others and being their best selves.

An article in the local paper today focused on how important it is to look out for each other, Bioethicist Ruth Faden said, “For individuals, our task is not just to prevent an epidemic of COVID-19, but to spread an epidemic of kindness.”


I believe that’s already taking place in my little corner of the world – here’s a couple of reasons why:

My husband was at the grocery store the other day and ran into our neighbors. He noticed they had 4 cans of soup in their cart.  and said, “Soup sounds good, I think I’ll go get some of that.”  They chatted for a minute, then parted ways. A few minutes later our neighbor approached my husband and tapped him on the shoulder. “Here,” he said, handing him two cans of soup. “I actually took the last four, and I want you to have these.”

Later in the week, I was talking to another neighbor about the fact that my 3-year-old granddaughter was sick and couldn’t drink milk for the time being. I mentioned we didn’t have any juice in the house and without a second thought she said, “I have apple juice at home, come on over and get some.” We did and were grateful for the offer.

I heard about another fun act of service from a co-worker. She said their friends wentToilet Paper, Sold Out around the neighborhood leaving a roll of toilet paper on everyone’s front porch. Attached was a note that said, “Wipe out hoarding, share with a neighbor”. 😊

Great Stories are Everywhere

I love hearing about people rising above and doing the right thing. There are lots of positive stories out there, and I’m sure you’ve experienced them too. I’d love to hear from others about the good things you’ve seen and heard. People are basically good and compassionate. Let’s catch them in the act!

person touching brown puppy

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As I find other positive posts I’ll link them here:

Calm Kate Aroused had a fun one. Social Distancing –  Think of the Pirates of Penzance tune, ‘ A Modern Major General”.


33 thoughts on “Positive Thoughts on Negative Subject

  1. Thank you so much for these positive stories. We need a little bright spot these days. I’ve heard neighbors sharing back and forth too. It’s so reassuring. People are mostly good at heart.


  2. Lovely post, thank you. i was feeling a little bit low the other day, so I thought going for a walk would help and indeed it did. combining it with an allowed shopping trip I went to waitrose and was confronted with a seemingly endless queue. Discovering I was too young to jump the queue I waited.six feet away from anyone else. the sun was shining, the trolleys were being wiped assiduously by a member of staff and it was pleasant enough. After a few minutes I was allowed in – only 50 people in the shop at the time, and as I went in I was handed a huge bunch of flowers by an assistant. lifted my spirits instantly. and today i went to another supermarket and the same happened. yes – they were mothers day leftovers – but still beautiful! we must keep smiling!

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    • What a great comment, this made my day! I’ve been hoping others would chime in with their positive stories. I’ve been seeing more and ore of this lately. I think people are getting over the shock of the huge lifestyle change and settling back into being part of a community that looks out for each other.
      Yesterday a local bakery started giving away bread – two loaves per customer, one to keep and the other to give away to a needy friend or family member. When a local flour company heard of this, they donated 1,200 pounds of flour to offset the cost of the bread. When word started getting out to the public, people came in for bread, but many more came just to buy donuts, rolls, and other things because they wanted to support this generous company. It’s kind of a snowball of kindness that keeps growing and growing as it rolls along. Thanks again. Hope you enjoyed your flowers.


    • I totally understand coming home early. When something like this is going on you just want to be in your own place and hunker down. We lived in Texas – Sugarland, just outside of Houston.


  3. I think we should all focus as much as we can on the positive. (Not always easy of course.) But I believe that having that focus will make things a little better for ourselves and for others. Thanks for the positive stories. I would love it if others would share some positive news here also.


  4. It is really heartening to read of these stories. I haven’t seen too much evidence here of that. But I am hopeful. You and Croatia have the earthquake in common. Even the earth is shaken by the Corona. Keep sharing acts of kindness. I love to read about them.

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  5. Thank you so much for sharing those positive stories with us! 😀
    I can see the kindness overe here too. It’s really nice to see that we all stick together when things get bad. XD
    And just to share a funny story too: My sister couldn’t find any turkey legs (you sometimes don’t even get toast or butter over here *lol*) when she went shopping but for some reason she was hungry for it. So when she phoned with my mom she told her and they laughed about it. Well, what do you know. The next day the doorbell rang and my sister found a turkey leg on the bench in front of her door. XD My mom was already in the car and her and my dad were driving off again. *lol* I didn’t see them for three weeks because we’re not supposed to see people from different households. But the story warmed my heart. Typical mom! ❤

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  6. very warm and positive post, thanks!

    Sadly I’ve only seen fear and panic prevail so can’t contribute to your good news stories … hopefully the calm will come when people realise negative emotions lower our immune system!
    Yes, that’s right staying positive and kind will increase our immune system = HEALTH 🙂

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    • Actually you did contribute. Your post – Social Distancing – is now a part of this dialogue. What a fun poem/song. I didn’t catch it the first time I read it, but second time around the Pirates of Penzance song jumped out at me. Thanks for commenting. Love your blog.

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    • I have seen a few bad cases as well, but I honestly believe that most people are basically good and want to do the right thing. Sometimes it just takes each of us doing our part by being positive, helping when we can and maybe just sharing a smile with a stranger.
      We can’t help what others do, we can only control what we do.

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      • Excellent advice. Especially the last line. It makes you mad to see people behaving badly at a time like this, but we can try to counter that by helping wherever we can. . Thanks bestadman.


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