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How to Travel When You’re Stuck at Home


Images by the Library Lady and Pixabay Photos.

For one strange moment in time, we are all required to stay home. This means no work, no socializing, and especially no travel. For those who yearn for adventure in exotic locales, this can be a bit of a problem. It was for me anyway, until I discovered Google’s Art and Culture website (not being paid to say this, I just love the site). Now I’m traveling again without even leaving my home.

Admittedly, virtual travel is not quite like the real thing, but it can be pretty amazing.  With this site, I can sit on the couch in my pajamas and visit India or tour Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum. I can stroll through Queen Victoria’s Durbar Room,  or learn about the art of making a Kimono. I can even watch the bones of a Sea Dragon – or Rhomelosaures – come to life and swim away from its display in the Natural history Museum of London. (More links at the end of this post.) All this from the comfort – and hopefully virus-free setting of my own front room.

Viking Museum – Oslo Norway

How is This Possible?


Simply go to Google’s Art and Culture website where you’ll find an astounding collection of artwork,  museum tours, rare collectibles, and cultural experiences. I was amazed by all the options. You could literally spend weeks clicking through this information.

My favorites are the videos. Shot in 360-degree mode, you can scroll around the screen to get the big picture of backgrounds and surroundings. You can even pause the narrative and search a particular scene in more detail before resuming the video.

How to  Play

Start with the home page – if you land here and never leave you’ll find lots of ways to while away the hours,  but there’s so much more! Go to the guide – the three black bars on the top left of the screen. When you click on this you’ll find a drop-down list that helps locate the kind of experience you’re looking for.

Popular Favorites


George Peabody Library

The first heading is “Explore”.  Here you’ll find the best of the best – the topics which have proved most popular with visitors.  From 360 degree videos and street views of famous cultural sites and landmarks, to photo tours (also 360 ) of things like Great Libraries of the World (Library Lady Favorite). Did you know the five-tier George Peabody Library in Baltimore is so beautiful that weddings are held in its Neo Greco Atrium?
Maybe you’d rather visit one of Kenya’s national parks?  Did you know the Ol Pejeta conservancy is home to the world’s last two surviving White Rhinos?

white rhino

Almost Extinct – White Rhinos

Fun Technical Stuff
Have you ever been to the Louvre Museum only to find it was too crowded to see the Mona Lisa? For those who are a little more tech-savvy than  I am, you can project a famous work of art onto the wall of your room. If you download the app there are all kinds of special effects available.

Kids Stuff


There are even activities to do at home with the kiddos, i.e. Which Kenyan Superhero are You?  This is an interactive quiz where kids answer questions that match them to the painting of a Kenyan hero most like them.  Then there’s the ever-popular video – How to go to the bathroom in Space. This site is a gold mine for home school parents.

carry st.

St. Chapelle’s Cathedral

Visitors can search by artists, collections, themes, etc. or look for a museum near their own home.  Once you get the hang of all this you can create a profile with a gallery of personal favorites.

All in all, I can’t say enough about this unique website.  I’ve just dipped my toe into the ocean of possibilities here and look forward to spending many happy lock-down hours traveling from home.

If you go let me know! And I’d love to hear about other great boredom-busting sites you’ve been to, be they travel or otherwise.

Hanging around

Hang in there everybody!

Links to Google’s Art and Culture sites:

Tour India

Amsterdam’s Van Goh Museum

Queen Victoria’s Durber Room

The Art of Making and Wearing a  Kimono

Sea Dragon / Rhomelosaures

10 Incredible Libraries of the World

Which Kenyan Super – Hero are You?

How to go to the bathroom in Space  (Scroll Down)

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  3. What a fun post. Love your photo at the end too – made me smile! I haven’t used the internet links for traveling yet (other than reading blogs from around the world), I agree, it is a great idea to check out museums and travel places virtually. Great for kids too – are your grandkids enjoying what you’ve found? Take care and stay safe and well!


  4. I love reading about your adventures. And this google link is wonderful.
    With all the time you have now, are you researching your next adventure? Or, perhaps sorting from your last trip. I hope you are staying well and enjoying your enforced alone time…


    • Both, but unfortunately I don’t have a lot of free time. I’m working from home which is kind of a challenge . . . Library Lady working from home? It’s a long story, but I’m just glad to still have my job. Anyway, thanks for stopping by.


    • Glad you liked it. I wish I had more time to spare. I’ve been working from home and while I’m glad to be employed, I’m kind of burned out on computer time. I always thought it would be so great to work from home, but come to find out I’d rather be in my home away from home library. Thanks for reading.


  5. Hi Library Lady, this is a great idea. I went to the google site and now I’m hooked. There is so much to do here. My kids like it too which is a great help for HOMESCHOOLING!!! Ahhh! I need all the help I can get.

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