Bus-ted, Almost


Norway – Do these people realize they live in a postcard?

Oslo Norway is a very walkable city, but at some point, we decided to experiment with public transit. Tickets are cheap, the buses go everywhere, and the bus was a nice change of pace though constant walking was now the only thing that stood between us and Norwegian obesity (the hotel buffets had become increasingly marvelous).

Entering our bus, we were somewhat flustered by the digital ticket reader.  How did it work?  Had it read our tickets? Did it even matter?   Glancing out the window, I caught sight of a woman waving her arms in a frantic attempt to get my attention.  I followed her gaze and was horrified to see my purse stuffed with train tickets, passports, etc.  sitting by its lonely self on the bus stop bench.  Flinging myself out the door, I grabbed my bag and leaped back onto the bus as it pulled away.  Gesturing out the window I offered her my heartfelt thanks. She will never know how grateful I am.  Thank Heavens for Good Samaritans around the world.  Once again, I resolve to be more careful.