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Hi, I’m Geanie – I know, nobody spells it right – and while I like my name, it has caused some trouble in the past. You can read about that here.
While I’m a writer by trade, I’m a wanderer by nature and like to combine the two activities whenever possible.   I m also lucky enough to be a book lover who works in a library so I’m constantly inspired by the great writers I come in contact with each day.

My Motto: Have Money, Will Travel!

In the past, I’ve kept records of my travels on a variety of blogs, websites, computers, and scraps of paper. I finally decided to combine it all into one space, and this is the result. In addition to travel stories, I’ll talk about some of the great libraries I’ve visited, along with others that are still on my bucket list. I’ll also share some travel blunders so others can learn from my mistakes.

This is not an attention-seeking blog, but rather a place for me to organize my thoughts and experiences. If anyone cares to read my scribbles, I hope they feel inspired to take a week, a day, or an hour, and go exploring. The world is a marvelous place!



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  1. My surname in my passport is Tribunsky, on my credit card – Tribunskiy, but I have never had such problems during my travels in Europe. Probably, no one see this small letter in my surname.


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